Introducing three different kinds of carpet cleaning for you!

Carpets are one of the most prominent and expensive things in our homes. It makes or breaks the whole appearance of our house. The carpet flooring increases the elegance of your home. Where the carpets enhance the beauty of our homes, there it’s cleaning and maintaining also becomes the core duty of the dwellers. Carpets look new and alluring only when it is clean completely. Most of the people take special care of the carpets to maintain it for a long term.

The carpets adhere dirt quickly. It sometimes happens that after taking every possible precaution, a stain will still appear on the carpet. The dirty carpets can spoil the whole look of your house into a messy house. A dirty carpet will leave your room look untidy and not well cleaned, even after cleaning the room completely. Individual carpet cleaner recipes are introduced in the market. Some of the techniques are listed below:

  • Hot water extraction cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Encapsulation
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Dry carpet cleaning

Hot water extraction cleaning:

It is commonly known as steam carpet cleaning. It uses high pressured hot water to agitate the fibre of the carpet, and in this way, it dissolves all the dirt off the carpet. The cleaning agent is applied to the surface of the soiled carpet, the carpet is then agitated and is finally rinse thoroughly. The cleaning agent is settled down in the carpet for some time. After that, it is cleaned thoroughly with warm water using cleaning equipment to put the cleaning agent completely out of the carpet. It is then left to dry completely.

Carpet shampooing:

This method is less popular than the other ones. Heavily soiled carpets are cleaned through this recipe. There are a lot of disadvantages of this approach. The high foam wet residue is left behind the carpet which takes a lot of time to clean up and dry. It becomes sticky upon drying, and it rapidly gets dirty afterwards.


This technique has overtaken the technique of carpet shampooing long ago. It uses synthetic detergents as a base that turns into powder after crystallisation. It is easily vacuumed or brushed upon drying. The technology is still limited. It is why it is not widely accepted by the users. It has shown good results. But it is still not practical for heavy soiling carpets.

Whether you get your carpets cleaned by a professional or by yourself, you will have adequate knowledge of cleaning these carpets after reading this blog.

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